JWST Master Class Budapest 2020

Konkoly Observatory Konkoly-Thege Miklós út 15-17, Budapest

UPDATE: due to the postponement of the JWST proposal deadline, our workshop is also postponed. More information will be posted here and at the workshop webpage as soon as available. Konkoly Observatory is happy to announce a small (40-45 participants) focused workshop on the James Webb Space Telescope. This 2-day intense workshop will take place on 16-17 March 2019 at Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary. The workshop will have a mixture of lecture-style talks and practical hands-on sessions. The aim is to train the participants on JWST proposal planning tools and resources so they can be as efficient as possible in writing their ... Read more »

Planet formation enters the observational era – an EAS 2020 SYMPOSIUM

Aims and scope Traditionally, planet formation was mostly a theoretical field, with rather loose observational constraints coming from proto-planetary disc observations and the Solar System. The field is now rapidly transforming thanks to ALMA and extreme adaptive optic systems, which recently made it possible to detect for the first time forming planets in proto-planetary discs and study in detail the structure and chemical composition of the planet building-blocks. Some of these ingredients, such as planetesimals, persist across the main sequence as debris discs, allowing us to study the architectures of (proto)planetary systems across both space and time as they evolve. ... Read more »