The 11th VLTI School of Interferometry

The 11th VLTI Interferometry School will be held on 12-17 June 2023 in Budapest. For more information, visit the school’s webpage at

20 years of VLTI – going faint − An EAS 2022 Special Session

With this special session we aim to celebrate the 20 years of the VLTI and look towards the future. The proposed topics will range from the more generalist VLTI history and future to instrumentation and capabilities. Specific topics on interferometry, data reduction and modelling will also be presented. Contributed talks and posters are welcome, focusing on VLTI visitor instruments and science results. For more information, visit the session’s web page at Scientific organisers

The 10th VLTI School of Interferometry

VLTI schools of interferometry have been organized roughly every two years since the opening of the ESO Very Large Telescope Interferometer in 2002. They have helped to train hundreds of astrophysicists in using interferometry and the instruments at VLTI and other facilities for their research. The aim of these VLTI schools is to offer Ph.D. students, post-doctoral and permanent researchers an introduction to the technique of long-baseline optical/infrared interferometry, an overview of the current generation of instruments, and lectures and practice sessions in data reduction, modeling, and image reconstruction. Seminars and reviews on astrophysical results in various fields ranging from stellar physics to … Read more »